Laura and Aaron's New 2002 Trans Am


  • Sunday, July 21, 2002 | 4800 miles

Polished MAF and Metalcoated it anodized Red.

  • Wednesday, June 12, 2002 | 3140 miles

Posted new (3rd set) track times...ran a best of 13.67@105.42

  • Saturday, June 1, 2002 | 3010 miles

Did the throttle body bypass mod.

  • Friday, May 3, 2002 | 1800 miles

Posted my first track times ever(!) on the drag times page. My best was a 13.66 @ 105.4 (I also had a 13.80 @ 105.8)

  • Wednesday, May 1, 2002 | 1500 miles

Goin to the track tonight for the first time! We'll try to run the car with and without the FFTRAA to see if if makes a difference.

  • Saturday, April 27, 2002 | 1300 miles

My friend Donovan and I installed the FFRTAA (Foreman Fast Toys Ram Air Alternative) today and also painted the brake calipers bright red. More info on both when I get a chance.

  • Wednesday, April 24, 2002 | 1220 miles

The Zaino polish really makes cleaning the car easy. The bugs on the front wiped off with light pressure and the guts came off relatively easy. The water beads off like nothing I've seen - it is really quite amazing how 'slick' the car it. I spray water on the car and can blow it off without leaving water streaks.
I ordered the MTI clear lid and K&N Air filter from MTI on Monday. Supposedly they are shipping it today (why did it take 2 days to process?), so I should get it next week. I wanted to have it this weekend, but I should have it before I go to the Sacramento Raceway next week.

Update 5/1/02 - I called MTI and they now say they shipped out on Friday!!! Why such a delay? I called and they gave me a bogus tracking number (or maybe I just wrote it down wrong).

  • Monday, April 15, 2002 | 1050 miles

We drove the TA to Lake Almanor this weekend. The car handles very well and feels very secure in the twisties. It handles so well at higher speeds that we have to be careful not to speed. Cruise control gets set at 75 and we just blast down the highway. We got 25 MPG on the way home - our best yet! The first few tanks were 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22. Every tank got progressively better! The car should be "fully" broken-in within the next few thousand miles.

It runs really well so far. The only thing I am concerned about is the clutch. It doesn't shift very easily at RPMs above 4000...I don't think it was made to handle the HP that the engine produces. I have heard that GM is replacing these clutches with the Z06 clutch if it goes out before 12,000 miles. If you know anything about this, please email me at

  • Thursday, April 12, 2002 | 470 miles

I applied the second coat of Zaino Show Car Polish. I applied the Z-6 gloss enhancer. The gloss enhancer is quick and easy to use. Using less makes the wipe off easier. If you use too much, then it leaves a residue.

  • Thursday, April 11, 2002 | 460 miles

Added the more TA pictures to the bottom of this page.

I applied the first coat of Zaino Show Car Polish. It went on pretty easy, and once it is dry, it wipes off just as easy. It doesn't leave a residue like wax does, so that alone is worth the extra $$$. I didn't have time to apply the Z-6 gloss enhancer, but I am hoping that I will get to do that tonight and possibly put a second coat on before our trip to Lake Almanor this weekend.

  • Wednesday, April 10, 2002 | 450 miles

Added the Trans Am specs page

Washed the car with Dawn and used the Zaino clay bar. There wasn't much in the way of embedded dirt/etc. because the car was new (even though they say there is gunk on the finish due to shipping), but it did get a lot of stuff even after I just washed it. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get a coat of Zaino polish (Z-2) on it after I use Z-1 on it.

  • Tuesday, April 9, 2002 | 430 miles

I (Aaron), led by the infamous Yomi, replaced the engine oil with Mobil 1 5W-30 full synthetic, and used the long AC Delco Ultraguard Gold oil filter #UPF58. We filled the new filter with oil before installing it so the oil pump didn't have to neglect its duties while it waited for the filter to fill up. The old shorty filter was filled with metal shavings and I am so glad we replaced it when we did.

Most people neglect the 500 mile oil change, but now I see why it is so important. The oil wasn't totally black - it still had some clarity to it, but it looked more like 2,500 mile oil than 430 mile oil. The drain plug came with a magnetic tip and had a lot of metal stuck to it. I was surprised to see the magnet tip from the factory, and I am glad they did it - especially after seeing how much nastiness it picked up.

We also bypassed the Skip Shift feature with a 2.2K ohm, 1/2 watt resistor from Radio Shack (5 pack was only $0.99). I am very glad we did this because that Skip Shift was beyond annoying and dangerous. The only time it is activated is when you are on the gas lightly, and that is when you need to be able to shift into 2nd gear if something comes up. Dumping me into 4th gear every time put the RPMs around 500, almost causing the car to stall, and making me bitter when I had to shift back into 2nd. At any rate, for $1 and 20 minutes, this mod was WELL WORTH IT!

  • Sunday, April 6, 2002 | 390 miles

I (Aaron) ordered Zaino products from the LA distributor of Zaino. I talked for about an hour with Ira, and he was a great help over the phone. The products are supposed to be here Wednesday and I am looking forward to getting a couple coats of polish on the TA before our trip to Chester, CA this weekend.

I have heard nothing but good reviews of Zaino, and am glad that the product is not a conventional wax. Black cars are so hard to keep looking clean, and the white residue just adds to the problem. Hopefully Zaino is the answer to this problem. If you haven't seen pictures of what cars look like with Zaino, check out the link above. When we get the polish on the TA, I'll post some pictures for comparison to see if it really made a difference or not.

  • Thursday, April 4, 2002 | 47 miles

We purchased the new Trans Am from Marina Pontiac GMC (1444 Marina Blvd., San Leandro, CA - 510.777.4900) and drove it home. The guys that helped us were pretty nice and we got a decent deal with no hassles (except the finance guy who wouldn't give up on the extended warranties and LoJack sales pitches).

Here are a few pictures of the new 2002 Trans Am we purchased on April 4. These pictures were taken on the 5th. They will take about 5 minutes to load for modem users! :-)



This is the day after we got it. The car hasn't even been washed yet because we picked it up straight from the dealer and wanted to leave without delay.

The car had 47 miles on it when we drove it off the lot.

Not the best backdrop for a picture, but it you can still see the lines of the car.

I like the 'swoopyness' of the Firebird a bit more than the Camaro.

This is all most people see :-)

This is what most people see :-) The stock exhuast doesn't sound bad - it is pretty throaty along with the sound of the engine, and I like the Trans Am wing sooooo much better than the V6/Formula/Convertible version.

I like the honeycomb taillights alot - very cool at night!

All Trans Ams come with T-tops (except the convertible). The 16" wheels look better than I thought they would (although I could do without the 'ABS' badges.

The tires are unidirectional Goodyears. They'll have to do until we get some NITTOS.

I think a gear swap will be in order when we upgrade to the Moser 12 bolt. Currently it has 3.42 (only ratio available for manual cars that haven't been through SLP ), but we can barely use 6th gear because it spins 1700 RPM at 75 MPH. With 3.73s it would spin 1850, and with 4.10s it would spin 2000 RPMs. The gas mileage would be virtually unfazed (maybe 1 MPG), and town mileage would be the same.

The car comes with a pretty sweet stance. Some suspension mods would make it perfect. As it stands now, there is approx. 4.5 inches of ground clearance which is enough for most speed bumps. When there are people in the back, I lose about an inch which gets a scrape every now and then.

I really like the clean look of black on black.

The Ram Air hood would have topped the look off - but for over $3000 for the WS6 Ram Air package, we can put a lot of performance mods on it :-)

Besides, I think it is fun to have a 'sleeper' Trans Am.

Yep, that's an LS1 all aluminum small block in there. I believe the 01's and the 02's got the LS6 intake manifold that's good for another 10-15 HP on the ground. But they also got a milder camshaft.

These cars are very conservatively rated at 310 flywheel horsepower, but a lot of people have had their stock cars dyno'd and have that much at the rear wheels! That means the car has closer to 350 flywheel HP  -  pretty much the same as a non-Z06 Corvette (fitting, since they are the same engine - just a diff intake, exhaust - maybe a cam).

The car has traction control which limits wheelspin by reducing the throttle and pulsing the rear brakes.

Just another look at the internals. There probably won't be any mods on this until next summer. Then it will be your standard issue ram air intake/free flowing exhaust/headers. Then will be a new cam with a high RPM valve-train. That should let us rev to 6500 without a problem and put HP level of high 300s on the ground. When that power level becomes inadequate (gross, I know) then a 4-6 PSI superchager/intercooler will be tossed on for high 400s at the wheels. Of course, once that happens, the traction will be non-existant and new wheels/tires will be in order. I think some nice 5 spoke 17" by 9." and 17" by 11" wheels and NITTO tires would top it off nicely.
All Trans Ams come with a full leather interior and 500 Watt Sound System with 10 speakers (including 2 subwoofers). I am pleased with the stereo and have no plans to upgrade it. Headroom is fine for me, but I think it was made for people less than 6 feet tall... removing the T-tops helps :-)
A closer look at our new home ;-) The car truly is a joy to drive. I notice that I am more content driving slower in this car because I know that there is power in reserve (or I just don't want a ticket).

UPDATE: I recieved a speeding ticket but had it overturned by fighting it through the mail (trial by written declaration). I recommend this to everyone. I didn't go to court once and I got all of my money back thanks to

The car turns heads and is everything I expected and more. I didn't realize that the car would actually 'feel' like an old musclecar (except with far better handling and a quiet interior). Throttle response is excellent and rowing through 6 gears puts a grin on my face.

  New Pictures | • Thursday, April 11, 2002 | 460 miles
This is not what you want to see as you walk up to your car...
Oh man, come on...I'll drive you to Krispy Kreme...
Oh, you mean I am not the one getting the ticket?!?! Thank you for serving our great city, and keep up the good work.

I'm glad my car doesn't look like this:
that's one giant ghetto wing