Planned Trans Am Mods

The mods with a X in the last column have been completed. The rest is a wish list.
Mod Cost Reason Install Time Result Rating (1-10)
Home-made Skip Shift Eliminator $1.07 1-4 shift is a crime 20 minutes The car shifts like it should - a must have! 10
Foreman Ram Air Kit, MTI Clear Lid, K&N Filter , and Free Ram Air Mod $212 total from Stock intake setup is beyond restrictive - they did a lot of engineering just to keep air from actually getting into the engine. They wouldn't want the $20K cheaper Firebird and Camaro to have the same rating as the flagship Corvette would they?! 10 minutes for the lid & filter, 30 minutes for the Foreman Ram Air Kit Picked up approx 3 mph at the track 9 - for the price, it was worth it.
Comp Cams 26918 valve springs $145 allow for higher revs and will compensate for heavy stock valves      
Hardened pushrods (Comp Cams) $119 Stock pushrods bend easily      
Comp Cam with 114 LSA probably 222/222 or 224/224 (maybe the Thunder Cam?) $400 Over 50 RWHP hopefully! The Cam would make less power under 4000 RPMs...but really shake things up to 6500+ RPM.      
Hypertech 160 Thermostat and SLPHighCapacityRadiator $50 for thermostat, $300 for radiator Cooler engine means less chance of detonation and more power      
NGK Plugs (TR55 for stock, TR6 for turbo) and Wires $20 for plugs, $75 for wires Stock plugs are not very good - usually worked after 10-15K hard miles. 5 hours    
SPEC Star Stage 4 Clutch/flywheel $500 Stock clutch is almost worthless      
LS1 Motorsports street/strip turbo kit $6,000 200+ RWHP and 300 ft/lbs...nuff said      
SLP Headers, 1 3/4" Tuned/Long Tube $849 SLP claims big gains.
According to this guy, he gained a half second and 5 MPH. (he gained 21 RWHP and 34 ft/lbs)
This won't happen if I decide to go with a turbo.
Custom 2.5"-3" dual exhaust with X-pipe and high flow catalytic converters. $380 for the cats / $100 for the Dr. Gas X-pipe / unknown for the custom exhaust ($600?) Will be needed to allow the engine to make more power and have a great sound.      
SLP H.O. Hood $800 shipped It looks good.